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Incorporating Social Media into a Customer Service and Complaints Program

Is your business using social media tools to their full capability? Chances are, it is not. Many businesses today know that social media is there, but they are not sure how to leverage its power. No matter how big or small your business is you should strive to incorporate social media into your customer service and complaints program. In today’s technology-driven society it is the only way to meet the needs of your customers and be where they are.

Why Social Media?

Millions of people around the world are using social media. While many use it for personal entertainment, others use it for business and shopping. They may choose to follow a company, opting to receive their updates about sales and specials. It’s one of the simplest forms of marketing around because people are opting to take part and yet there are two problems that many businesses are not getting when it comes to social media. First, that it is crucial they use it to reach their target audience and stay on their radar. The other, is interacting with customers in order to keep them satisfied.

One of the most frustrating things for a customer is to get no response from a company when they have an issue with a service or complaint. Because we are technology driven, many people will go to your social media site in order to send you a message about being unhappy. What you do with that message is going to determine if the customer does business with you again.

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Unfortunately, many businesses are not doing anything with that message. For example, one quick look at complaints posted to the Ford Motor Company Facebook page showed that customers didn’t receive any replies. None of the customer concerns or complaints where addressed publicly by the company. On the other end of the spectrum, a quick survey of the Beall’s department store Facebook page and it is clear to see they are on top of it. Beall’s had some customer issues that were public on their page, but every one of them had a prompt response from someone at Beall’s. They demonstrated they were working to resolve the issue and would like to contact them privately.

Which scenario will leave a customer wanting to do business with the company again and which will leave them feeling jaded? It is crucial that social media complaints be addressed by the company, even if it is to say the person will be contacted privately.

Making it Work

Every company should have someone dedicated to their social media efforts. Their job should also be to take the customer complaints and service issues and manage them appropriately. What that is in your company may vary. Perhaps that person handles it all, or they funnel the message to the person who does. But it is important that the social media person takes the time to welcome customer feedback, addresses it within a timely manner, and does what they can to maintain a good relationship. Those customers who feel the company cares about their issue will be likely to do business with them again. It’s just a matter of making sure that customer complaint handling becomes a priority when it comes to social media.


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