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Customer Service Best Practices from Disney and Amazon

As many companies around the nation work to determine the best way to provide customer service, others have it all figured out. But it didn’t come to them overnight. Good customer service and handling customer complaints well are things that every company must learn and get better at over time.

A couple of North American companies have not only established customer service best practices, but have also set a great example for the rest of us still striving to do so.

The Big Ones

Big companies have a lot of customers. So they have a lot of people to keep happy. They are also big targets. The more people you provide service to the more you can potentially either make happy or leave feeling dissatisfied.

Here are two companies that have mastered their approach to customer service, putting them both on top in terms of customer satisfaction:

  • – One look at the mission of and it is clear that they are not messing around when it comes to customer service. Their mission states: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.” Set the bar high? They don’t just want to provide good customer service; they want to be the most customer-centric company on the planet! That lets customers know that they have a good chance of doing business with this company and they will walk away happy, and come back again. Polls show that is right, too, because their customers are overwhelmingly happy and they continue to be rated at the top in customer satisfaction. They find good prices, a huge selection of products, and their customer service issues are resolved. Even those who have an issue with the online store are likely going to feel good about how it was handled and end up doing business with them again.
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    Disney –
    Just thinking about Disney can make people happy. It’s a company whose mission is to provide happiness to people. In order to do that they follow what they refer to as the “Disney Approach to Quality Service.” Their approach is a philosophy that is used throughout the company. The foundation for it came from Walt Disney himself, who said “Give the public everything you can give them.” Since opening, that has been their mission. An important way they do that is to apply what they do to the Disney Compass Guide, which focuses on giving customers what they want based on the compass pointing “north.” Using compass guides (N, W, S, E), the company uses those letters to focus all they do on the areas of customer needs, wants, stereotypes, and emotions. By teaching their employees this concept they are able to help provide their customers with a better experience.

Creating Your Own

If you haven’t yet thought of what your own customer service best practices and philosophy are or should be, now is the time. Determine what you want your position on handling customer complaints to be. Consider how you want to treat your customers. Create the philosophy or mission and then get everyone else on board with the proper training that is needed to ensure consistency. Focusing on customer service is a great way to help your business grow.

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