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How to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Service

Millions of people are using social media tools every day, so businesses need to be on top of them. But not all businesses are using their social media tools to their best potential. Some are not sure how to use social media to improve customer service, while others are leveraging the power of it to ensure that they reach new customers and address customer complaints from the ones they already have.

Reaching More

The number of people you can reach using social media tools is reason enough for companies to be making them a part of their marketing plan. There are a variety to choose from, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. Each offers a way to reach new customers, as well as stay on the radar of ones you already have. However, social media has also opened up a new avenue when it comes to customer service.

“Your company can provide an awesome customer experience and hardly get recognized for it, but when it does something wrong, customers will more likely tell others about it and it usually happens in the realm of social media,” explains Raquel Ramirez, a social media trainer and speaker and owner of RMR Social Media.   “Therefore, make it a point to ask customers for their feedback and reply to their feedback. Believe it or not, the average person on social media expects a response from a company within 30 minutes from posting a comment. Ensure you do.”

Making a Plan

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Social media has opened the doors of instant interaction between businesses and their customers. As such, they do expect quick replies and for all of their issues to be addressed. It is important that every business keep this in mind and understand how to use social media to improve customer service. The last thing you want to do is set up the accounts, make your presence known, and then ignore customers when they have questions, complaints, or need information.

Providing excellent customer service by using social media tools means that your company is offering information that can be of use. It also means that you are interacting with those who are contacting you. At times, it may be a customer service complaint that is being addressed through social media. Rather than delete or ignore those comments, take a moment to address them, showing other customers how much you care about those you do business with.

“Address it. If it is a reasonable complaint, address it honestly with empathy (avoid over explaining and justifying yourself). It’s ok that your company is not perfect, but be honest about it and it will go a long way,” added Ramirez. “If it is an unreasonable and ridiculous complaint address it as well with empathy. If the person continues to attack your company unsoundly, you will find that your customers will come to your rescue and that bad situation that seemed unfortunate can actually turn out to be a positive opportunity.”

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